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I’ve released a little something called Awesome Textpattern on GitHub today and just wanted to introduce it and explain the idea/motivation behind it.

What Is It?

Awesome Textpattern is a curated list of up to date Textpattern plugins and resources. The idea is based on the Awesome PHP and Awesome CakePHP projects (hence the name Awesome Textpattern). The list is intended to be community-driven, I’ll get on to how you can contribute to it in a bit.

The idea behind Awesome Textpattern is to provide a granular list of the best plugins and resources. Only plugins that work with the current stable version of Textpattern should be included; similarly resources should be up to date and relevant.

Currently the best places to find Textpattern plugins are the official plugins resource and the forums. Searching for plugins on these two sites can be difficult; many have broken download links; and some are just no longer maintained or supported. My hope is that Awesome Textpattern will be an invaluable resource that will help developers quickly find plugins that they can use.

What Qualifies for the List?

For a plugin to be included in the list it must be both open-source and free to use. It will also preferably be hosted on GitHub. This is to both encourage other developers to help contribute to plugins and to ensure that the code remains accessible in the future (no broken links to plugin homepages that no longer exist). Textpattern is an open-source project, we should extend that idea to the plugins and work together to make them better!

In terms of resources they need to be up to date and relevant to the latest release of Textpattern. It would also be nice to include any regular meet-ups (if these happen).

Contributing to Awesome Textpattern

I’ve hosted this on GitHub so that anyone in the Textpattern community can contribute. It’s just a simple README file in the Textile format so easy to work with. If you want to add or edit the project just fork it, do your changes and make pull requests.

Before you start contributing please take a moment to look at the contribution guidelines.

I know that the initial commit to the list is somewhat lacking, but I’m hoping that the community will contribute and quickly build this up to be an essential resource for everyone. So please help out and join in. You’ll find Awesome Textpattern at

Let’s make this awesome!

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  1. Walter Piovesan |

    long overdue. Thanks for taking this on. The other sources of plug-ins have proven difficult.

  2. Andy |

    Thanks Walter. I’ve had a fair amount of positive feedback already. Now just need to spread the word and get more people contributing to the list.

    I’ve long felt that the Plugin Resource is next to useless these days and it seems that it is going to be some time before it gets a much needed update. Hopefully this fills in a bit and will in the long run contribute the official plugin site.

  3. Jorge Cocompech |

    Why don’t use Disqus integration for TXP?

    I like a lot your idea for your favorite CMS.
    Have a great weekend!