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Comparison of parameters for the date() and strftime() methods in PHP.

Vim For People Who Think Things Like Vim Are Weird And Hard


Another good post from Harry Roberts, this time it’s why you should consider using Vim as your text editor of choice.

The mere concept of Vim is alien enough for most people to just end up dismissing or ridiculing it, but—if we’re to be objective—the fact that, yes, people still use an editor that is over 20 years old (in turn based on a tool from the 70s), and those people number in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps they might be onto something.

Personally I tend to work with Sublime Text as my main text editor, but dip into Vi/Vim often. Once you’ve learnt a handful of commands it starts to quickly become a powerful tool and it is well worth investing some time getting familiar with.

I’ve recently discovered Jack Franklin’s gulp-load-plugins plugin for Gulp and it’s really neat. Rather than have to specify each plugin, gulp-load-plugins will search your packages.json file and automatically include them as plugins.pluginName(). It has become my new favourite Gulp plugin.

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Calculate a Person's Age in PHP (Accounting for Leap Years)

I've seen a lot of code out there for calculating a person's age that makes the mistake of ignore leap years. If you ignore leap years then the age will be out by a day or more on or around the person's birthday which isn't what you want.

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