arc_twitter v4.2.1 is ready for download now.

A new full_urls parameter has been added to the arc_twitter and arc_twitter_search tags; it accepts the values 0 (the default value) and 1 to enable full URLs. Enabling full URLs replaces Twitter’s URLs with the original ones. You can use it like this:-

<txp:arc_twitter full_urls='1' />

Enabling full URLs will display and link to the original URL so no more redirecting via Twitter.

As Twitter now converts all URLs to it’s shortened URLs there is no longer much need to shorten the URLs in a tweet. So as of this version of the plugin the default behaviour is to tweet unshortened URLs when updating Twitter from the article write tab. If you are upgrading from an older version of arc_twitter you will need to switch this behaviour on from the plugin’s Options page (via the Plugins tab).

You can still choose to use URL shortening like Tinyurl and smd_short_url if you want. However, this does mean that anyone following a link from Twitter will be redirected twice (once via Twitter and then via the shortened URL service), not ideal.

This version also fixes a couple of bugs with the character count of tweets. Twitter counts all http URLs as 22 characters and https URLs as 23 characters; this is because it converts these to links (even if the original URL is shorter than its version). Earlier versions of the plugin were ignoring this, which has now been fixed. Try typing a URL into the ‘Update Twitter’ box on the Twitter tab and you will see that it now counts correctly.

Get arc_twitter v4.2.1 now!


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