I’ve updated a couple of my Textpattern plugins today to add support for Google Analytics UTM parameters. You can now enable UTM parameters on both arc_twitter v4.3.0 (TXP Tweet) and arc_social_share v1.3.0.

When enabled UTM parameters are added to the URLs tweeted by arc_twitter or shared via arc_social_share and enable you to track who’s clicking them to view your pages via the Campaigns section of Google Analytics (assuming you have Google Analytics enabled on your site). The relevant plugin’s name will show up as the campaign.

The idea behind these new features is to help those interested to try and discover how well your tweets or social sharing links are working for you.

To enable in arc_twitter go to the plugin’s options page after upgrading and ‘enable UTM’ under the Google Analytics section.

To enable in arc_social_share you just need to set the ‘utm’ attribute to ‘1’ on the tag. For example:-

<txp:arc_social_share_facebook utm="1" />

You shouldn’t need to make any changes to your Google Analytics setup. The campaigns stuff should just work.

The latest release of arc_twitter also includes a minor tweak to the layout of the article write tab to improve its appearance and new documentation.


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