A Developer's Guide to Setting Up Squarespace Redirects

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Earlier this week, I was tasked with transferring some Apache page redirects to a new website on Squarespace. This was my first encounter with the website builder. While setting up page redirects was fairly simple, I did encounter a few issues and the errors Squarespace supplied were not the most helpful; so I am going to share what I learnt for anyone else who hits a similar stumbling block.

arc_meta v1.4 for Textpattern

The latest version of arc_meta for Textpattern is out now. This latest release of the plugin features a new admin interface for managing section meta data so that it can be exposed to more admin users and a couple of new tags.

New Version of arc_redirect for Textpattern

A new version of arc_redirect for Textpattern is now available.

arc_redirect v1.2.0 now allows you to use absolute URLs for the redirects, setup temporary redirect rules and comes with a number of security fixes and general improvements.

arc_meta: A Textpattern Plugin to Help Improve Your SEO

Introducing a new Textpattern plugin for improving your site’s SEO and to get more out of social marketing.

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