Easily embed Vimeo videos in articles and customise the appearance of the player.

Table of contents

  1. Plugin requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Tags
  4. Examples

Plugin requirements

arc_vimeo’s minimum requirements:

  • Textpattern 4.5+


To install go to the ‘plugins’ tab under ‘admin’ and paste the plugin code into the ‘Install plugin’ box, ‘upload’ and then ‘install’. Please note that you will need to set-up a custom field to use for associating videos with articles, unless you choose to directly embed the new tag in the article text.



Embeds a Vimeo video in the page using an iframe.

<txp:arc_vimeo />

Video attributes

  • video – Vimeo url or video ID for the video you want to embed
  • custom – Name of the custom field containing video IDs/urls associated with article

Basic attributes

  • label – Label for the video
  • labeltag – Independent wraptag for label
  • wraptagHTML tag to be used as the wraptag, without brackets
  • classCSS class attribute for wraptag

Customising the Vimeo player

You can customise the appearance of the Vimeo player using this plugin to define things like colours and size.

  • width – Width of video
  • height – Height of video
  • ratio – Aspect ratio (defaults 4:3)
  • color – A hex colour code for the player UI elements
  • portrait – ‘0’ to disable the user’s portrait
  • title – ‘0’ to disable the video’s title
  • byline – ‘0’ to disable the video’s byline
  • badge – ‘0’ to disable the video’s badge
  • loop – ‘1’ to loop the video on play
  • autoplay – ‘1’ to autoplay the video, ‘0’ to turn off autoplay (default)
  • autopause – ‘1’ to autopause the video when another is played on the same page


In addition to arc_vimeo this plugin also comes with arc_if_vimeo, a conditional tag for checking if the video URL is a Vimeo one.

<txp:arc_if_vimeo video="[URL]"></txp:arc_if_vimeo>


Use one or the other of the following:-

  • custom – Name of the custom field containing video IDs/urls associated with article
  • video – A URL to check if it is a valid Vimeo URL


Example 1: Use custom field to associate video with an article

<txp:arc_vimeo custom="Vimeo" />

Example 2: Set the size of the player

<txp:arc_vimeo video="" width="500" ratio="16:9" />

Example 3: Using the conditional tag

<txp:arc_if_vimeo video="">
<txp:else />

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