Textpattern is a flexible and easy-to-use content management system for websites.  Its commitment to web standards, lightweight yet powerful core platform, and friendly community have been a strong driving force behind my use of Textpattern and involvement in developing for it.

You'll find all my Textpattern plugins here, free to download and use of your Textpattern installs. Comments and feedback are welcome.


A simple Textpattern plugin that produces a link to a file associated with an article, comparable with Textpattern’s <txp:article_image /> tag.


This plugin is very much in the experimental stage at the moment, but I am releasing what has been put together so far as a beta version of the plugin. The aim is to have a single plugin that enables you to tap into the rich resource of information on the excellent social music website using its API.


Meta tag plugin for improving your site’s SEO and getting more out of social marketing.


A Textpattern plugin for producing weighted lists of popular article categories that can be styled using CSS to take on the appearance of a category cloud.


Temporarily override one of your global preferences without altering the value stored in the site's database.


This plugin retieves recent videos from the popular Youtube website and embeds them into your website. Recent videos from a user’s uploads or favourites, or with a given tag/keyword can be simply retrieved; alternatively you can specify a Youtube feed url. The Youtube player’s appearance can also be customised as with the arc_youtube plugin.


Easily add links for sharing content with numerous social networks including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.


Update Twitter when you post a new article (with article-by-article opt out option), update and view your Twitter feed through the admin Twitter tab, and display Twitter feeds on your site.


Easily embed Vimeo videos in articles and customise the appearance of the player.


Easily embed Youtube videos in articles and customise the appearance of the player.