TXP Tweet 2 released

TXP Tweet
TXP Tweet

The latest version of arc_twitter is ready for use and can be downloaded from the plugin's webpage.

New to this release are three new Textpattern tags:

  • <txp:arc_twitter_retweet /> - add Twitter's Tweet button to your pages
  • <txp:arc_twitter_tweet_url /> - URL to an article's Twitter status update
  • <txp:arc_twitter_tinyurl /> - TinyURL used for a tweeted article

I've also added a logo to the app; so if you check your Twitter account settings for connections you'll see that TXP Tweet has a logo to make it stand out more! There are a few bug fixes in this release too.

So where next? I have a few ideas for the next release, but nothing's set in stone yet. The plan is to continue pushing developments to the development branch of TXP Tweet on github adding new features. Any bugs that arise with the current version will branch off of the development version in its current form. This way bugs will get sorted quicker, and new features will be kept for the next big release once fully tested.

Basically, I'm taking a more organised approach with the development of arc_twitter.

If anyone is interested getting their hands dirty they're welcome to fork the code and contribute to its development.


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  1. Simon |

    Great plugin, just installed it without a problem, thanks for putting this out there for free, it’s much appreciated.