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TXP Mobile
TXP Mobile on an iPhone.

With mobile web predicted to overtake the standard browsing from a desktop within the next few years it was encouraging to learn of Oliver Ker's Textpattern project that provides a simple admin interface for Textpattern sites on a mobile.

TXP Mobile is still in active development, but the beta release is out and works.  I must say I am really impressed by what Oliver's done with this so far, the UI is perfect for a small screen with nice chunky buttons that are easy to press. It looks great too, building on the familiar Textpattern look (and bettering it).

I've spent part of this last weekend helping to develop it further to make it easier to setup and more flexible in terms of theming. The next beta release (v0.3) should be a simple upload with no need for tweaking any files; and a move towards opening up TXP Mobile so that it can be themed much like a normal Textpattern install.

Development continues...

TXP Mobile should help ensure that Textpattern remains a good choice of CMS for the years ahead as the way we interact with the web evolves.

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  1. MrQwest |

    Agreed, Oliver has done a great job on TXPMobile. I too have been using it for the last week or two and can’t fault the ease of use & the UI.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the changes both you & Oliver have been working on, and looking forward to the release soon!

    Keep up the good work chaps!

  2. Kus |

    Wow nice! :-)

  3. Oliver Ker |

    Thanks for the kind words. The stuff you have done so far is great. Let’s work to get this thing more standard for the release of v.4.3 and ship with v5?

  4. Andy Carter |

    @Oliver: Definitely! Would be great to see TXP5 be mobile-ready from install.

  5. Yana |