New Beta Release of arc_meta for Textpattern 4.6

I’ve just released a new beta version of arc_meta for Textpattern 4.6.

As with the previous beta release, this one has a minimum requirement of Textpattern 4.6 which is also still in beta release; so neither of them are recommended for use on a live production site. However, if you use arc_meta and are testing the new version of Textpattern please check out this new release.

This new version has an updated plugin options interface to work with the existing CMS preferences and includes French translations for the interface. Big thanks to Nicolas Morand for his contributions to this release!

If you want to contribute to the development of this plugin please get involved by forking the plugin’s repository on GitHub and making a pull request. Alternatively feel free to report a bug or make a suggestion for a new feature on the repository’s issue tracker (or over at the Textpattern Forums if you’re not on GitHub). It would be great to see some further translations of the plugin if you can help with that!

arc_meta v2.0.1-beta is available to download now from GitHub.

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