New arc_vimeo and arc_youtube Plugins for Textpattern

A couple of new Textpattern plugins are ready for release today: the new arc_vimeo (for embedding Vimeo videos) and the all new version 2.0.2 of arc_youtube (for embedding Youtube videos). Both have been designed to play nicely with each other using new conditional tags.


First up is a brand new plugin for embedding the Vimeo video player in your Textpattern sites.

<txp:arc_vimeo video="[URL]" />

It works pretty much the same as the existing arc_youtube plugin. You can either pass it a Vimeo video ID or a valid Vimeo URL. These are passed either directly via the video parameter or use a custom field defined by the custom parameter.

You can customise the Vimeo player’s appearance by setting a colour for the UI components (using the color parameter) and toggle on/off various other bits of information like the video’s title (title parameter) and badge (badge parameter).

As well as the main <txp:arc_vimeo> tag there is also a conditional tag for checking that a URL is a valid Vimeo video one:-

<txp:arc_if_vimeo video="[URL]"></txp:arc_if_vimeo>

Full documentation and a link to download the latest version of the plugin can be found on the arc_vimeo page.


To coincide with the release of arc_vimeo I’ve completely rewritten the code for arc_youtube, added new options and added a new conditional tag.

Here’s a summary of what’s new with version 2:-

  • Complete rewrite of the code
  • New <txp:arc_if_youtube> conditional tag (works the same as the <txp:arc_if_vimeo> tag)
  • Lots of new parameters
  • hd and ssl parameters removed (they are no longer applicable)

Full documentation and a link to download the latest version of the plugin can be found on the arc_youtube page.

Using arc_vimeo and arc_youtube Together

The new conditional tags provided with these two plugins means that they can easily be used together with a shared custom field for defining a video URL.

For example, if you have a custom field ‘video’ you can check if the contents of the field are a valid Vimeo URL first and display the Vimeo video, otherwise try and display a Youtube video:-

<txp:arc_if_vimeo custom="video">
    <txp:arc_vimeo custom="video" />
<txp:else />
    <txp:arc_youtube custom="video" />

Get the Plugins

Both plugins are available to download from the Textpattern section of this site. The code for both plugins is also available via Github.

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  1. Kevin |

    Am using your plugins. Super easy! Except I have to change the video URLs that I paste from to Vimeo and YouTube are all https these days. (Perhaps part of why I can’t get custom field to work, as well.)

  2. Andy |

    Hi Kevin, glad you like the plugins. It’s clearly a bug that they’re not accepting https URLs. I will fixing that ASAP. Thanks for pointing it out.