GenerateProjects Plugin for Sublime Text 3

One of my favourite features of Sublime Text is the ability to work with Projects. It makes switching between different repositories that I am currently working on quick and easy, Sublime will even remember the files previously opened in a project when you open it.

As a general rule I tend to keep all my repositories in a single folder on my computer and clone new ones into this. For example, each of my local repositories are saved to /Users/andy/Sites/. I’ve recently found myself having to clone multiple repositories at once into my Sites directory; I wanted a quick way of setting up basic Sublime Text Projects for each without needing to go through the process of opening each repository and then saving each one as a new project. So I’ve come up with a simple Sublime Text plugin called GenerateProjects.

GenerateProjects adds a new menu item to the Projects menu that will generate projects for all folders within a specified folder which is configured in the plugin settings.

I’m not sure how useful this will be for others, but in the spirit of sharing I’ve uploaded it to GitHub for anyone to use. I hope someone out there will find it as useful as I have.

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