Sass maps have been around for a little over a year now and are an incredibly useful feature of the CSS preprocessor.

If you’re already using them then you’ll already know how handy they are; if not, then hopefully this little post will give you a good start.

Handling z-index


Neat approach to intelligently handling CSS z-indexes using a CSS preprocessor. The suggestion of using a Sass map is particularly good.

Sass 3.3 Maptastic Maple


Sass 3.3 was released the other day and came with loads of new features. This is a good look at the main ones including map data structures and source maps.

LESS vs Sass? It’s Time to Switch to Sass


As someone who also switched from LESS to Sass, this is a pretty good article on why Sass is the better CSS pre-processor. It’s worth a read even if you’re currently using Sass, but perhaps not fully making the most of what it can do. There’s some good examples of some advanced functionality.