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One of the best features of the Textpattern CMS is its simple and lightweight core; however, as a result you’ll more than likely find yourself needing to install some plugins to get it working as you want. There are many plugins out there, but I want to share a few that in my opinion are essential to any Textpattern build.

A couple of new Textpattern plugins are ready for release today: the new arc_vimeo (for embedding Vimeo videos) and the all new version 2.0.2 of arc_youtube (for embedding Youtube videos). Both have been designed to play nicely with each other using new conditional tags.

Better late than never, I’ve finally updated arc_redirect for Textpattern 4.5+. This plugin lets you define redirects for URLs that generate a 404 page on your Textpattern site from the admin pages. This updated version upgrades the interface to fit better wuth the current look of Textpattern. There’s also a minor bug fix in there.